Estates Photography


Founded: 2014

Owner: Kamil Zelezik


Areas of expertise:  Architectural, interior and aerial photography. 

Why Estates Photography?

Company Profile

Estates Photography 

Architectural - Interior - aerial Photography - Special Events 

A picture is worth a thousand words and you probably know it very well if you ever tried to sell a house or  

a property that was well photographed and well presented to your clients. Color, texture, light, furnishings – ability to convey details like these in difficult light conditions presents a challenge to many amateur as well as many seasoned photographers. Why then not let the professionals do it for you?


At Estates Photography, our goal is to help you become the most successful realtor, architect, interior designer or a property manager. We know how to turn every interior into a piece of art work, every home and commercial property into a sharp and beautiful image that will catch your clients attention in an instant. We utilize the best photographic equipment, aerial platforms and state of art editing software to capture and to produce images that were never possible in the past.